Friday, January 25, 2013

Thank you for coming...

Hello new readers and old friends! It's been over two years since my last post. TWO YEARS! The shame. And I'm not posting now to make any promises of a glorious new regiment of posting schedule. No, no. Sadly, more like the opposite. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you to those who come by regularly... though to those I feel most apologetic towards since they come with the hope of finding something anything new and all they find are crickets. Piles and piles of noisy loud crickets. Or maybe it's more like tons of cockroaches skittering - no it's not dark. Floating dust mites? A foggy, misty, mess of floating dust mites. Yeaaaa, sorry. And I wanted to say thank you to those who leave such nice comments that I'm always happily surprised to see in my mail box. And thank you to any new people who find me by accident but take a moment to browse around. And thank you to those who pass on links to my patterns - however shoddy they are. Just thank you, thank you, thank you.
I don't know if I'm going to start posting again. If I do I think there will have to be a massive over haul of my site first. I hardly make amigurumi anymore (T_T) although I still love to ogle all the cute amis out there. Lately I've been knitting more and trying to sew and just doing other random artsy craftsy things. But even then it's not an onslaught of creative outpouring like it was in years past. Life just takes over and interests change, right? *huge pleading grin*
So this isn't goodbye. It's to let you know I'm still around. I'm still checking in. And I'll still leave this blog up as long as they'll let me so that whatever patterns or photos or something someone wants to save in their favorites will still be here. There's nothing more disappointing than going through my favorite links to find a broken link message. So sad.
Happy 2013, everyone! May your days be filled with fun, crafts, and cuteness!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I warned you I suck at writing patterns. Thank you so much for all your patience and feedback. Recently I was contacted by Laurel who kindly pointed out a mistake in Rnd 18 (of the head) in THIS pattern. After much thought, I THINK the problem is only in the final count of the stitches for that row. It should read (9) and not (12) - I have corrected this in the original pattern. And as I told her, luckily since it's only a doll, we don't need to be precise anyway. The idea is that the head tapered down to a neck. So I leave it up to the maker's discretion on how to handle that row. Just follow your instincts and make it neat. That's what's so great about making amigurumi. There's really no right or wrong - only what you create with your own feeling.

BY THE WAY... you can visit the wonderful blog House Full of Monkeys for some great insight, notes, and suggestions to the Zoe-Belle pattern. I'd take her word over mine. ;)

Thank you everyone for visiting my sad sad blog. And I wish you the best with your hook!



Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Craftzine's Very First Crochet-Along!

Hi Everyone... I know I've been horribly irresponsible with this site lately. I hope you didn't abandon me thinking that I abandoned you! Certainly not, I've just been gravitating towards more mundane things of late. Boring, but that's life sometimes. So let me try to make it up some by telling you about Craftzine's first crochet along ever! "Gosh, Ami-G, get on the bandwagon, that's old news...geez!" Ok well I'll just remind you then. (^_^).

Yesterday I received a very excited sounding email from Laura at Craftzine about a cute little fuzzy panda ami they'll be sharing with the online community next week. The pattern is contributed by Tamie Snow from Roxycraft who is also the author of Tiny Yarn Animals. Look, it's sooooo cuuuuuute:From what I understand it's a lesson based crochet along partnered with Lion Brand Yarns. The first lesson is next week, Sept 7. Follow this link to Craftzine for more information! Of course, there will be a Flickr group for sharing and discussion. Gosh, how fun! Be sure to help spread the word. I can't wait to see all the finished panda cuties!


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Have a Munny Day!

I’ve been doing a variety of things around here. Mostly mudane and not worth posting about. My daughter’s school semester is one half day away from the end and I have good intentions for summer vacation. I hope I can keep the motivation up! Here’s some things I’ve done recently that maybe you’d like to see. Or maybe not, but I’m posting it anyway. =p

I love Munny dolls. And Dunny dolls. And all those weird vinyl toys etc. I’d start a collection if I didn’t feel so guilty about wasting money and space. Here’s my first Munny sketch. Done in pencil then in ink. I think I should get some 4 inch dolls to do with my daughter this summer.

Here he is colored in photoshop and made into a dorky wallpaper for my desktop. heeIn Amigurumi news... here’s a little guy I started yesterday. No plans. No direction. I just wanted to feel the calming rhythm of hook and yarn being stitched into something. ANYTHING. This so far. It has green cat eyes I bought online eons ago, but I’m not sure I really intend for it to become a cat. We’ll see.Oh yea, we were also watching Cardcaptor Sakura again. Kero-chan CHECK! I also made this crocheted flower with beads for a hair tie. Woot. The yarn is cotton. I've not done much with cotton before but I'm thinking I want to do lots more.I hope you’re all doing well out there. Live long and prosper. (Yes I saw the new Star Trek and I loved it! Casting was great. I'm excited for the future of the series.)

What else have I been wasting my time with instead of making amigurumi and writing patterns? Watching too much Heroes. Watched all of Season 3 in a few days. Whew. Addicting.

Stay cool! (^_^)v

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Doodle a Day Keeps the Doldrums Away

I'm trying to dig out my creative self again. My TRUE creative self that once was when I was much younger. I was a fount of creativity back then and now this dried up well only trickles the occassional original idea. sigh. What happened? How does one fight the daily doldrums? How do we stay positive and optimistic in a world that sometimes seems to do nothing but spiral into a dark abyss of.... wow ok that's definitely NOT how to stay happy. hahah Let's get away from that line of thought.

So I've been doing some doodling. I figured that should help at least a little bit. These came out of my pens throughout last week. Here are some happy dreaming little flowers. A girl and a... dog? Looks more like a weird baby kangaroo or something at her feet. Some owls, love birds... and fish that could be hot air balloons maybe if you looked at it with squinty eyes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Day

Today is a good day. I think it's a good day. At least, it's a better day than some of the recent days I've had in a long while. The weather is mild with the smell of fresh rain in the air. The flowers on our balcony are all happily blooming. The pets are at peace. The house is in order (mostly - acceptably so anyway).

And there are a lot of cheery posts on other blogs. Read about making butter at Angry Chicken; especially the post that inspired her over at Portland Food and I don't know why reading about that made me feel good. Then go and read Alice's insanity at Finslippy. That was hilarious. Well, I thought it was. Probably because it sounds like she's my husband's long lost twin. Though he's not THAT bad. (~_^)

I know making this blanket has been making me happier too.

When I pick it up and work on it the colors scream "happy happy"! I'm behind in this soft-waves ripple blanket making craze I know but it still had to be done. This one is being made with misc. left over skeins so the colors and weights are varying. This other one (next photo) took me over a year to do (becuase I procrastinated THAT much) and was requested in those particular colors.

It was requested extra long too so that could be another reason why it took so long to do.

Anyway, Happy Day to you all!!

ps~ Thanks for all the posts

- from comments on projects to just plain good wishes -

its been very nice. Thank you.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Oh my goodness, please forgive me. I thought that pattern was complete but one of you lovely readers (Celene!) have called to my attention that I have left poor Zoe armless! I did warn I am a horrible pattern writer. *sweat*. Still there's no excuse. Here is the pattern correction (or rather addition!) for her arms. I confess I'm not sure if it's exactly right (I have seemed to misplace the pattern notes for that project) so please PLEASE don't hesistate to let me know if it's wrong. Again I apologize and I hope this didn't cause too much frustration for anyone out there!

Zoe Lily Belle - ARMS
Arm (MAKE 2)

Start with magic ring of 5 ch or however you like to start your spiral/circular shape using 5 ch

Row 2: 2sc in each ch (10)
Row 3: 2sc in first ch, 1 sc in next* five times (15)
Row 4-6: sc in each (in the first sc on row 5 make a cluster – this is the “thumb”. I used a 5sc cluster I think. experiment to your liking)
Row 7: 1 sc in next 3, sc2tog in next* repeat three times (12)
Row 8: sc in each
Row 9: sc in next 5, sc2tog in next sc* repeat (10)
Row 10-11: sc in each
Row 12: switch to shirt color and sc in each.

Bind off leaving long tail for attaching to body.

Note:You can attach the arms whenever you’re ready. I did mine at the end of the project. Whip stitch them to the first row of the shirt, placing them as you see fit. ;) When attaching them, just make sure the thumbs are facing the “right” way; facing forward if you wish for her to seem relaxed with palms toward her sides.

Ok, I hope that makes sense. I will also correct the original posting of the pattern. Thanks again, Celene, for pointing out my error! Everyone cheers for Celene!! (^_^)v