Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mr. Frog Pattern! Well... if you can call it that.

I finally got around to writing down the pattern for Mr. Frog! I hope that it's understandable and I hope it's correct! hahaha I couldn't really remember how I'd made Mr. Frog so I was staring at him and trying to count stitches the whole time whilst typing the pattern. hee hee If you've made Aminekos you shouldn't have any problems making Mr. Frog. Have fun with it. Try different yarns! Change the hook size! Do bells for his feet! Googly eyes instead of buttons! I don't know. Go for it! And then be sure to let me know how it goes. (^_^)v
Loose guidelines for how I made Mr. Frog…
disclaimer: I hate to have to add this but please don't sell this pattern or try anything ... I don't know, like that. I gladly share my "knowledge" and hope you respect me for it, but I hate being taken advantage of. (^_^)v

Loose guidelines for how I made Mr. Froggy…

Hook 3.0mm/D
Green sport weight/double knitting yarn
Red (or black or any!) yarn for mouth
White felt (depending on the quality of your felt you might have to double up so it will look whiter)
Two black buttons – small
4 wooden beads – your choice

Foundation: Ch 2. In second chain from hook make 6 sc.

Row 1: 2sc in each sc (12)
Row 2: Sc in first sc, 2sc in next sc* repeat until 18
Row 3: Sc in first sc, sc in second sc, 2sc in third sc* repeat until 24
Row 4: Sc in first sc, sc in second sc, sc in third sc, 2sc in fourth sc* repeat until 30
Row 5-9: work even
Row 10: Sc in first sc, sc in second sc, sc in third sc, sc 2 tog * repeat until 24
Row 11: sc in first sc, sc in second sc, sc 2 tog * repeat until 18
Row 12: sc in first sc, sc 2 tog * repeat until 12

Fasten off. Weave in end. Stuff. Sew on mouth with red yarn.

Foundation: Ch 2. In second chain from hook make 6 sc.

Row 1: sc 2 in each sc (12)
Row 2-4: work even
Fasten off. Stuff. Attach to head.

Foundation: Ch 2. In second chain from hook make 6sc.

Row 1: sc 2 in each sc (12)
Row 2: Sc in first sc, 2sc in next sc* repeat until 18
Row 3-9: work even
Row 10: sc in first sc, sc 2 tog* repeat until 12
Row 11-12: work even

Fasten off. Leave long end for attaching body to head. Stuff.

String on beads or whatever you want to use for hands/feet. I used two different sizes of wooden beads. Small rounds for the hands and larger square for the feet.

Chain to the length that you want! I think I did 11 for the arms and 13 for the legs.
Turn and sc in each ch (10 for arms 12 for legs) push a bead up flush to your work
Turn slip stitch in each sc. Fasten off.

I left a long end and weaved it in all the way up the arm and used it to attach it to the body. I found this made a nice “backbone” for the arm and helped give it a pleasing curve. But you’ll really have to experiment and find what you like.


White felt cut out in rounds (my felt was cheap. I had to make two layers for each eyeball). I sewed black plastic buttons to it and then the whole thing got sewn onto the eye orb. A little dab of glue wouldn’t hurt to help hold it into place either. Or instead of buttons why not glue on those googly eyes? I dunno…

personal note: I’ve been stuffing all my amigurumi with just poly-fill no pellets. But of course, that’s up to you. Putting some pellets in the the bottom two-thirds of the Frog’s body might give it a more stable weight for sitting. Although, I haven’t had much problems with just the poly-fill.

Have fun!
pps~ I worked this pattern in continuous rounds - no slip stitching between rows, however if that's what makes you comfortable you certainly can do it that way! The continuous rounds give you a more spiral effect. In such a small project and with no color changes, though, this doesn't effect the results much. (^_^)v


FoodChiCa said...

I just started to crocheting and this pattern looks difficult! Any suggestion for a newbie (I have learnt from books)?

Amigurumi Girl said...

It's actually not as hard as it looks. If you know how to single crochet then that's all it takes! Just try it and once you get going it might make sense to you. Otherwise there is an interesting knitted cat softy out there that I thought very neat and it would be very easy for a beginner. Easy to convert it to crochet... you can find the free knitted pattern with photos here http://geobabe.livejournal.com/227621.html I think you can come up with something. amigurumi is all about what you like anyway! it's ok if it's a little funky. all the better! good luck!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the pattern
that was really nice of you

Anonymous said...

how did your bunny and poor little doggie come out???
i can't wait to see the next installment....

Anonymous said...

how generous of you; sharing the secrets of mr. frog's anatomy! I hope someone else gives it a try and sends a pic in. It would be interesting to see other people's variations. - Yay, for the democratization of amigurumi, vive la resistance!

Amigurumi Girl said...

my bunny alas is still as it was. i actually like it sans limbs now so i'll just forgo all that. perhaps one day i'll use it as a gift bobble and just do some ribbon attached through the top of the head with a couple cute beads or something... hm... as for my poor little dog... (T_T). soon... soon...

Anonymous said...

is this how you made ;your cats????

Amigurumi Girl said...

yup this is a modified version of the cats, yeah... the foundation is the same, the concept is pretty much like this... at least, the head and body parts. cat ears are triangular instead of round like Frog's eye orbs... the limbs are NOT done on the cat like this lol ;).... is this weird???

Anonymous said...

no i think its a cool concept with an original design
you rock!

Titusina Andronica said...

Thank you very, very much. I can't wait to try it out!

Anonymous said...

so sorry ivy i was talking to amigurumi girl and that's not you

Anonymous said...

you know what i'm an idiot and i need to apologize to Ivy.and anyone who has come across this..i missunderstood her comment and i'm very, very sorry for being such a jerk...;(

Christina B. said...

I think that Mr. Frog is really cute. Thanks for the pattern. I hope it comes out right.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Frog is great and I appreciate you posting your pattern. I used to crochet all kinds of animals and dolls when I was a kid and want to start again. This will jumpstart me!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Israel...
I LOVE the frog. So does my 2yo girl. Now I know what my next project will be.
Would Like to see more paterns please.

Anonymous said...

I made this adorable little frog and I love the pattern. I adapted his hands a little since I didn't have any appropriate beads. I made webbed feet by using some chain stitches and slip stitches into the last ring on the arms. It turned out cute. The thing I like about this pattern is the way the neck gets thinner at the top. Thanks for posting this for free! I'd send you a photo if I knew how.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I made mr. Frog and now I;m making an elephant. They make up so quick! An hour or two and I have a new animal. hurray! Im making a monkey next!

Amigurumi Girl said...

no problem! glad you enjoyed it. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pattern!
It's oh so cute!
I very like frogs, and I start this manual art of thread animals, and very like it!
have you other patterns, please?
thank you so much

Anonymous said...

your pattern is very nice, thanks a lot
I've put a translation of it in french on my website
please let me know if you're agree with that
Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

what does "Turn slip stitch in each sc" mean?

Amigurumi Girl said...

i know... my pattern directions are horrid. that was the first pattern i ever wrote down... sorry. what i meant by that "turn slip stitch in each sc"... turn your work and then slip stitch in each sc. is that any clearer??? this is totally free form. so whatever you have to do to make that leg work will be fine i'm sure. expeirement and find what works best for you! sorry about the bad pattern.
:( good luck!

Anonymous said...

my name's ludiine i'm french and i fall in love about your frog i've got an association whose call "oxygene" and i'd like to take your frog to sell it to have money for my association. it's for a "maladie"in french i don't know the english word.if you don't undertand what i said take my msn adresse and i'll explin to you
but please answer me!!thanks

Anonymous said...

What cute?....
Thanks for ur sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks fo sharing this lovely frog...

I have done my own frog, would you like to check it?

Here it is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/crocheti/639719687/

judith said...

Thank you for the pattern!
Imade the frog for my sister' birthday, and she really loves it :)
I am a member of ravelry and I showed the frog there with a link to your pattern ( I hope, this is ok, if not please tell me )
Sorry for my bad english


Anonymous said...

I'm from Germany and I absolutly love this frog and I want to make one for me, but I have to struggle with the pattern- I just don't understand it! Can please somebody help me?
eg was is sc?? No translation programm knows it -.-
*slightly desperate*
you can contact me with this e-mail: mrsv268@yahoo.de

Anonymous said...

hi, amiguruminya lucu, saya juga baru mulai dengan amigurumi... I wish I can make my own pattern too...

Pirk said...

I have been surfing and looking for a frog pattern in the web. I have the Amigurumi book and there might be a frog pattern. But, I am impatient, and want the pattern NOW.

Then I came to your blog - and, this is exactly the kind of frog I am looking for.

This is the best frog!

Thank You so much for sharing this pattern.

Pirk said...

I did it! I made the little frog.

Thanks so much for the pattern. I might make another one, and give to my friend, who does frogging as a hobby, haha.

I have a picture in my blog.

Anonymous said...

this is so cute wonder if you could convert it to knit since I can't crochet would love if you could post a knit one!!

Anonymous said...

I've just finished one of these little frogs, so many thanks!

Flynn said...

I love this and might have to make it for my niece :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've made this and gotten so many compliments! I made very minor adjustments but used your pattern. How do you feel about others making them and selling the FO's (not the pattern!) with reference to this page?

Amigurumi Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous,

You know, I don't mind at all if you sell the FO's and it would be even better if you gave me a little credit. ;) Good luck! I'm so glad you like the pattern and many people like your FO's! (^_^)v

bests~ ami-g

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

IamSusie said...

I made this frog ages ago and we put a photo of them on our MeetUp group front page. I get queries about it occasionally and I always refer people back to your blog.

Amigurumi Girl said...

Wow thank you! And what a cool site. I love the picture of the two frogs and the two basket/boxes. Very cute. Bests!!

L said...

Ahh.....thank you so much for this pattern! The frog makes me smile and the pattern was super easy to follow! I actually like your way of writing patterns more than others...:-)

I've been wanting to make a frog prince for myself...so I used this adorable pattern and I'm now making the little crown from a LionBrand frog prince pattern (their frog was kinda....eh.)

I'll post a link with a pic when I have a camera nearby.

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...


I was looking for a pattern to crochet a frog and Google send me to your blog. Your Mr. Frog looks really nice! I'll try to make this one myself. I just have one question about the pattern. When you've made the 6 sc in the second ch (head), do you join then using a slip stitch and then work in circles? Or do you just work in rows and sew it together after you've done?

Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

Oops.. I'm sorry, the answer to my question is in the PS..
I've made the frog and I'm pleased with the result. Thanks for the pattern!

ChingyPingy said...

Hi Amigurumi girl.

I was inspired by your gorgeous frog and modified it to make it a baby gift - I've added a pic to my blog with a link to your post - hope that's ok! The link is http://chingypingy.blogspot.com/2009/06/books-and-frogs.html if you want to check it out. Thanks - your stuff is great!

Twee.Out.Loud said...

Hey, thx for the pattern. I tried and put it in my blog.
I'm a newbie in crocheting, so please let me know how to make the les and arms straight like yours. Thank you :)

babou said...

Thank you for this model. I'll put it on my blog as soon as possible if you want to see! Again thank you for sharing this

Linda said...

Thank you for a wonderful pattern! I know more people who want to have a go at crocheting another cousin to your frog, but have trouble reading an English pattern - so I translated it into Swedish! I hope that is okay with you - I do refer them to the original pattern on your site!

You can find my pattern, and some photos of my nephew and his frog here: http://www.lindas-hemligheter.blogspot.fi/2012/12/sma-grodorna-sma-grodorna-ar-lustiga.html