Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Bear for Isabel

I bought this book awhile ago and have been itching to try the pattern for this little bear. The shaping was something new to me so it was interesting to make. It was also surprisingly quick to do. It was surprisingly easy to read the diagram to the pattern as well. I can't read Japanese well at all, in fact hardly at all.... ok NOT at all (well ok I can read SOME hirigana but that won't help me much with patterns ha!) but luckily Japanese craft books are always so well "illustrated". hee hee (^_^)v Anyway, it's been ages since I've updated anything on this blog. So without further ado here he is
I used an F Hook (4.om) and some left over worsted weight yarn (no idea what brand, sorry) for the body. The muzzle is sport weight. I also made an extra ear and used it as a tail. Really cute. (*_*). The scarf is knitted with sport weight yarn. Just your basic stockinette, 4s. Black button eyes. I really liked the way he turned out and was hesitant at first to gift him to my friend Isabel who was in desperate need of some cheering up. But it was well worth the "work" (and sacrifice hee hee) to see her gleeful reaction. (~_^)v.