Thursday, July 24, 2008

Busy or not...

I think I've been too busy. But then when people ask me what I've been doing I don't seem to have much to say. Do you ever feel like that? It seems like I feel like that a lot lately. Day to day that's how I feel. They'll say, "What did you guys do today?" and all I do is stare blankly back. *blink blink*

In May we moved. ugh. Moving sucks. And that seriously set me back in a lot of ways. I have been keeping busy here and there, however not much with amigurumi. I DID make one monkey but I don't have a photo of it and it's already been shipped off to its new owner. sorry. That's how scatter brained I've been!

Here's some photos of other things I've been up to...

I made two baby blankets. The scalloped one is from the book Bend the Rules Sewing. Love that book. Cute fabric isn't it? There was a Joann's near by doing a moving sale. heh heh

The other blanket is just scraps put together. I also made some baby bibs from the same book. I bought quilting squares so I could get more variety without the crazy left over yardage. Each square made two bibs with a good size strip left for some future project. ;) Cotton on the front, cotton flannel on the back with snap closures. Fun.

Then I made a necklace and a box to go with it. The box is just your regular cardboard box that I wrapped with handmade paper my mom brought me from Thailand a few years ago. The embellishments are store bought rub-ons. AND I got into making bread. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book . It really is easy and the results are yumMAY! Here slathered in butter with left over lasagne. So that's it. There were a lot of other activities crammed in between. It's summer vacation after all. Gotta keep the monster busy. Hm, I guess I have been doing a lot. It helps to see it all laid out like this. WHEW. I'm tired. (^_^)v