Thursday, March 23, 2006

Forgot to mention...

Before I let myself make "Roadkill" I finished another blankie. One that was more "boy-ish". ;)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kitty Handbag Here At Last!

Several months ago, when I first discovered the world of amigurumi, I came upon this photo of a bunny hand bag. I thought it was just too cute and have been dieing to make it since that day. However, no pattern. This past weekend I finally got my butt over to Japantown and was so dissappointed with the amigurumi craft book selection at the bookstore (there were only two there! And neither with the handbag pattern). I came home ever more determined though. And finally, here it is! My own kitty handbag! It turned out a lot better than I expected. It was probably a good idea afterall that I waited this long to tackle the project. Now with all my experience from making Aminekos it was much easier to imagine the pattern. "Roadkill Kitty" is about 10.5" long. His bag body can fit a cell phone, keys, and a small card holder. I actually fit my Casio Exilim in there. This is my prototype. The next one will be lined, hopefully. haha Hope you all like it! A couple more photos can be found at my Flickr.

Monday, March 13, 2006

No More Problems

Well, I finally broke down and just chose a whole new template for my blog. I'm sad to see the other design go, but so far so good with this new one. NO DISAPPEARING TEXT! Wooohoooo! I just couldn't figure it out with that other template. Sigh.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bunny Blankie

I'd seen blankets like these before but never crocheted/knitted. And then suddenly, there was the pattern, in my daily crochet pattern calendar (* sorry the original link is broken and gone *.) . Actually it was a pattern for a "Bear-ghan" made with 9 balls of Fun Fur. Well, I didn't have NINE balls of Fun Fur and I'm too cheap to buy that many at once (even on sale). So I dug around my closet to see what I had the most of. There was some left over Caron Simply Soft in Orchid - just over a skein's worth and I thought for a baby that would be soft! Needless to say that wasn't enough and I had to run out to Michael's to buy another skein of Orchid and also pick up a skein of white for the details. Two whole skeins of the Orchid would have been more than plenty though). I followed the pattern for the head then dillineated from there. The rabbit is my own using my "design-as-u-go" method. hee hee. For the blanket part I referred back to the pattern and then added my own edging. It really didn't look like much at all, or I should say not as I wanted it to, and I was getting a bit discouraged. When I finally put on the nose piece - which was the very last bit I did on the bunny it all came together and I was rather impressed! I'm contemplating now if I should put a little tail on... (^_^)' More photos will be posted at Flickr. TTFN!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Pups Are Here! Finally, yay!

Ah, the pups are finally totally completed. Woohoo! I finished them on Monday actually but I've been waiting for some nice weather to take photos outside. It's nice today but still drenched out so in the end I decided I couldn't wait to post any longer - photo shoot on the couch! These pups are made with white baby boucle and beige/tan double knitting/sport weight yarn. They have plastic button eyes and are filled only with poly-fill. Unfortunately they can't really stand or sit on their own. Maybe the next time around I'll pay more attention to that during the design phase. Their clothes are made from cotton scraps. Both vest and dress were inspired by the pattern at Molly Chicken and can be found in her January archives under the blog entry "All Dressed Up". I didn't actually sew my ribbon on like she did. Instead I made the pattern a little "larger" so that I could turn down some fabric to style a collar where the ribbon runs through. The ribbon is basted on only at one pt in the middle of the collar behind the neck. Oh yeah, they are about 8 inches from tip toe to noggin top. Hope you like! (^-^)*
note: I'm still having problems with posting multiple photos per blog. It makes the text disappear. You can view more pup photos at my flickr page. Click on the Flickr badge in the sidebar and it will take you there!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Amineko pattern posted AND in English! =D

For all of you who've been asking for the Amineko pattern, Sarah Jane at Ramblings in a Little Black Dress has posted her translation of it. It's slightly different than the one I use but I'm sure it'll produce the same results (probably even better since I bet hers is more true to the original). So for all you hungry amigurumi-ists swing on over to Lil' Black dress and have fun!! Thanks, Sarah!
note: For some reason, the most recent blog entries sometime gets its text messed up... If an entry looks strangely incomplete try highlighting the text area or scrolling up and down. sigh. darn technology (or maybe in this case, dummy user -me). (-_-)oO

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rabbit trails can be good

I wanted to make this an amigurumi only blog, but I just can't make a separate blog for everything. So I guess this will probably metamorphosize into a craft blog in the end. Anyway, what I wanted to post about this time is a really cool site called Wee Wonderfuls and what I found there. These cute cute cute paper dolls! And I had the brilliancy to suggest printing them on magnetic paper, which I did... and woohooo! It's really cool. Check these out!

Aren't they too cute? And my 3 year old daughter loves them.

Thanks so much, Wee Wonderfuls!

Copyright continued

Yay I found the actual page with the copyright info regarding Amineko! weeee here is the url for in Japanese or plug it into altavista's babel fish for a translation. Broken English, but you can certainly get the idea. Woohoooo!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Copyrights are there for a reason...

As promised here is the link to the Japanese site where I found the amineko pattern. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the charts. From what I can gather it is the pattern found in the Amineko book (which can sometimes be found on ebay - in fact there's one on there right now for sure). Can't read Japanese? Me neither. Try altavista's bablefish. Happy hunting!
NOTE FOR JENN: I bought my poly-pellets from JoAnn Fabrics. (^_^)v