Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our New Family Member

I'd forgotten how much work it is to have a puppy around... sigh, but she is a sweety. So you'll excuse me if I go M.I.A. for awhile. (^_^)'

Friday, September 21, 2007

Little Bo Peep

I haven't had much time for crocheting this past week or so. Although I did make a hat and vest for that humanoid I recently made - I'll have to take a pic soon and post it! In the mean time, I drew this quick sketch tonight of Little Bo Peep. My friend asked for a simplified Bo Peep design to help her envision her daughter's halloween costume. It's a horrible photo, sorry. I just snapped a quick shot with my Exilim. maybe I'll paint her one day... (^_^)v

Monday, September 10, 2007

She's done!

Yay! She's done! I borrowed the hair and eye ideas from ElizabethD's Amigurumi book (ooooh yes. I FINALLY purchased it. And I can't wait to try making a Punk Bunny. heee) I couldn't use buttons though because this is intended for a three year old. So... anyway... She's 9 inches tall. I used Bernat Satin Sport (beige), Red Heart Sport (white), and some pinkish purplish eyelash yarn who's label was lost eons ago - sorry. You have to understand, I get a lot of hand me down yarns and they don't always come in full skeins nor with lables. Hey, beggars can't be choosers. Hook size I used Clover 3.0mm (D). I think for the "hair" I actually used a larger hook... like the 3.5.

Details are with crochet thread and she's stuffed with polyfill.

She even has ears...

Pardon the blurry photo. =p

Now I just need to make her some clothes....

To you pattern-wanting-crazies - (i say that with affection. really. because i myself am one hee hee) - will be glad to know that i actually did take notes on this one... soon... soon...

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Over a year ago I was thinking of this project for my friend's daughter who is now 3 ( I think... what a horrible friend I am). I've known this friend since kindergarten, and after she married she and her husband moved to Thailand. Her daugher was born there. Anyway, they are always so good to my daughter, sending gifts and things on occassion. I think so far I've only sent one package. A blanket I crocheted just for her. I feel bad. That's all I sent. Not only was it only once but a blanket like that is probably not very useful in Thailand either (too hot and humid!). It's probably used more as a "playmat" of sorts which is just fine with me, but still. So I came up with an idea of crocheting a little girl doll and making accessories to go with her; clothes, a blanket/sleeping bag, a pillow, a hand bag with possibly a bigger handbag to match the small one so everything could go in it. Oh, I had visions of grandeur. And my crocheting skills were not up to it at all at that time.

I tried repeatedly to make the doll. With many a sad sad ugly results. It was depressing. Really. I was a huge admirer of
Gourmet Amigurumi . I studied many a photo of her work awed at her wonderful shaping abilities. Then when I found out she was writing a book I nearly died. I've been waiting to go to the store to buy Elizabeth D's Amigurumi book but I just haven't had the chance (pretty lame excuse seeing how I just coulda pre-ordered it from Amazon... I'm not sure why I didn't come to think of it =p ).

Then suddenly, this morning, I had an epiphany. I just knew. I knew how I wanted to do it. All other projects were thrown aside (sorry cow, sorry two-year-past-due shawl). All previous engagements forgotten (chores, lunch, friends... sorry). And so it began...

That's all I could muster today. I'm spent. Also, because I ran out of fiberfill *hee*. More on that soon.

In other news, I finished that gift set for my Pear friend. I like the color green of that stamp pad, but I'm not too crazy about the ink itself. I forgot that how pigment ink takes a long time to dry especially the Color Box ones. Unfortunately for her she does not get those cool pens. (~_^)

Friday, September 07, 2007

WIP - really...

Really, there are things going on here. Probably just a tad too many things hence why no posting action. I've never been very good at posting before or during photos though of my work. I get so excited about an idea I jump right in an forget about how cool it would be to have had photos of the material before hand, or what it looked like during. So I've finally managed to get my act together this time. Or almost, anyway. There are no before pictures, but here are some durings...

I made a really cute sketch of this cow the other day. And I really really wanted it to come "alive". But when I started doing it I just couldn't make it happen. *CRY* Of course, if you don't know what the sketch looks like then this little cow looks well underway and not that bad. Therefore, I won't show you that sketch. hehheh Not yet anyway. (~_^)

Here is a flower on a shawl I started like two years ago. Really, TWO YEARS. Maybe more. It was when I just purchased this book and given a pile of merino wool. Yeah, I thought maybe it be time I finish it too.

And here are some hand carved stamps I did this morning to go along with that peary cute pear I made the other day. These are my first ever. I've been dying to try the Speedball rubberstamp kit for some time. The stamp that made the image you see there was my first attempt and honestly I was going to scrap it. But it became really cute and hilarious when I drew in the eyeballs and teeth. I thought, "how fun! she can add in different looks." MUAHAHAHAHA I'm a genious.