Thursday, June 21, 2007

Squishy Cat

I went browsing at Kinokuniya the other day and saw the new Amigurumi Collection book Vol 5. There was a cat on the cover that looked pretty easy and so laid back. I didn't have time to flip through to the patterns but I figured I could take a stab at it.
Voila! Granted mine is much bigger than the original I think. The body is squishy like a beanie baby (filled with polyfill beads) hard to tell by the photos.
I think I'll make it a little smaller next time though, because I found that it makes a perfect wrist rest for when using my mouse/pen tablet. Woohoo! (^_^)v


Allena said...

i love that cat! i find a lot of the patterns from books like that turn out bigger than i thought. but i think it's b/c there's nothing to really gauge how big they will be. i love them all though!

Steekje said...

I have that book to, I think tje cat is lovely, some day I make one to

kittykatt said...

wow how cute....:D
i'm so glad that you have decided on not giving up on this craft!!!!
your stuff is way cute.....
thank you 4 the inspiration to get out my hook!!!!

Brisa de Amor said...

Muy lindo tu gatito...
Very nice your cat, congratulation.
I love Amigurumi.
visita mi pagina

Amigurumi Girl said...

awwww, thanks for all the great comments and stopping by to look. i haven't given up really... i just ran out of time! ok, maybe i just got lazy, anyway... good luck on your own projects!! (^_^)v

cata said...

Excellent idea!
So cute!

A magia do crochê said...

Olá!! lindo gato!!! Muito original!! Parabens!!

Kátia Missau