Friday, September 07, 2007

WIP - really...

Really, there are things going on here. Probably just a tad too many things hence why no posting action. I've never been very good at posting before or during photos though of my work. I get so excited about an idea I jump right in an forget about how cool it would be to have had photos of the material before hand, or what it looked like during. So I've finally managed to get my act together this time. Or almost, anyway. There are no before pictures, but here are some durings...

I made a really cute sketch of this cow the other day. And I really really wanted it to come "alive". But when I started doing it I just couldn't make it happen. *CRY* Of course, if you don't know what the sketch looks like then this little cow looks well underway and not that bad. Therefore, I won't show you that sketch. hehheh Not yet anyway. (~_^)

Here is a flower on a shawl I started like two years ago. Really, TWO YEARS. Maybe more. It was when I just purchased this book and given a pile of merino wool. Yeah, I thought maybe it be time I finish it too.

And here are some hand carved stamps I did this morning to go along with that peary cute pear I made the other day. These are my first ever. I've been dying to try the Speedball rubberstamp kit for some time. The stamp that made the image you see there was my first attempt and honestly I was going to scrap it. But it became really cute and hilarious when I drew in the eyeballs and teeth. I thought, "how fun! she can add in different looks." MUAHAHAHAHA I'm a genious.

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Adelina said...

The flower crochet looks great!
How did you make the stamp? And have you used it for anything yet? It looks fantastic and really funny.