Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Save Handmade Toys

So I might be a little slow to get on the bandwagon, but here it is: Save Handmade Toys. Because of all the insanity in toy safety in 2007 there have been some modifications to laws on toys. Good and bad. Anyway, visit the following link (or the previous one) for more info and help save handmade goodies.

Cool Mom Picks gives an overview of what's going on and easy tips and links on how to get involved. It's where you can get the source code for that cute Save Handmade button, too.

I could say a lot more about this whole state of affairs, my hubby sure is saying a lot - you should see the instant messages pouring in from him about it! Well maybe it's better you didn't, he's a little bit harsh - but I'd rather keep this site pleasant and free from too much of that heavy stuff that happens in everyday life. There are plenty of places to read rants and raves I don't think I need to add to it. (^_^). Perhaps I can encourage my hubby to start his own blog though. Hm. But promise you won't disown me through association!

Thanks for all the support and visits. Please go check out the news on Cool Mom Picks and even if you just click the vote button on it's a start.


The hubby said...
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Yarni Gras! said...

So many things pop into my head:
in the 1970's when crafts were booming, people just went to craft fairs. Will you be forced to give up the web and go back to that? And if so, are they going to send little craft fair police out to check on you?
Also, what about those of us who DON'T SELL their toys but crochet toys and blankets, etc as baby shower gifts and the like?
It sounds an awful lot like SOMEONE is trying to corner the very profitable market on toys in the USA and abroad.....not surprised....