Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's not a cat!!! Yay!

I thought I would at least take a break from crocheting anything at all for a day or two. My fingers were itching, however, and I couldn't resist the call of the yarn. I've been doing a lot of internet "research" on amigurumi and zakka. Just browsing to see what other people have done, get ideas and possibly glean some techniques. I really like working with that baby boucle I used to make the white cat (see jan 14 2006 blog) and now I was thinking of making a small rabbit. I started with the usual round head and bottle shaped body. I used the same pattern as I had been for the cat but took out a few rows to make it smaller (because I didn't want to NOT use my delicious Clover G hook! haha). And everything went pretty much as planned until I got to the ears. The ear shape was rabbit like but somehow, looking at the head with the mouth I made... a different animal was calling to me. It made me attach the ears along side the head instead of straight up. I suppose the result could've been a floppy eared rabbit but then I began on the face. It's funny how my original ideas take on a life of their own. To make a long story short. Here he is... not a cat... not a rabbit...
... it's a pup!!

Are you surprised? I sure was. Well, he's not posable like the cats. He can't even sit or stand on his own really... but he sure is a cutie. Made from baby boucle and DK yarns sporting a rust colored merino wool collar with wooden bead closure, he's darn cuddly. He stands only 8" high and stares at you with shiny black button eyes. Ok, some of you are thinking, "What?!?! That's not a dog. That's a sheep!" Or something along those lines. Well, I guess it can become whatever the owner's imagination makes it to be!
Till next time!


bri said...

I love the pcychedelic mushroom gaze. He's in a world of his own.

Anonymous said...

you chose the right type of yarn that made him look so cuddly....would it work for the cats??????cagrrl