Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rabbit trails can be good

I wanted to make this an amigurumi only blog, but I just can't make a separate blog for everything. So I guess this will probably metamorphosize into a craft blog in the end. Anyway, what I wanted to post about this time is a really cool site called Wee Wonderfuls and what I found there. These cute cute cute paper dolls! And I had the brilliancy to suggest printing them on magnetic paper, which I did... and woohooo! It's really cool. Check these out!

Aren't they too cute? And my 3 year old daughter loves them.

Thanks so much, Wee Wonderfuls!


kittykat said...

i like those....just like when i was a kid
your daughter is so cute too

Amigurumi Girl said...

awww thanks! (*_*)

joyce said...

cute! both the dolls and your daughter!

sarahsriffs said...

How did you do that? That's a fantastic idea! (To print the paperdolls on magnets!!) Gives the paper dolls a whole new dimension for play!