Thursday, March 02, 2006

Copyright continued

Yay I found the actual page with the copyright info regarding Amineko! weeee here is the url for in Japanese or plug it into altavista's babel fish for a translation. Broken English, but you can certainly get the idea. Woohoooo!


Anonymous said...

so now that you have found the page what's your take on this copywrite?????

Amigurumi Girl said...

well incase you didn't catch my response on Amigurumi-Along ;) here it is again:
well as i understand the website nad what was posted on the copyright stuff, there's no problem in sharing the pattern, or the kitties as gifts and even displays in your store and what not. they just ask you always credit where the pattern came from and that under no circumstances are any profits to be made from the sale of the pattern or the kitties. that's my understanding anwyay... so i may post my version of the pattern soon (of which after much research last night i found that my pattern is NOT exactly as the original anyway haha).

hehe ta ta for now!

kittykat said...

we will all be so greatful to you for all that you have done in helping us with this little kitty