Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gravenstein Apple Festival

Ok, so this post isn't amigurumi related, but at least I can offer proof of why I have no more dolls to post yet. :D Last Saturday we went to the Gravenstein Apple Festival in Sebastopol. Ooooooooooh yum yum yum! Apples apples everywhere! I think I was overwhelmed with the sweet appliness of everything because I didn't take very many photos. And the photos I did take were sad. Here's one of the apple fritters (with oh so satisfying Thai iced tea in the background!). Lightly deep fried and coated in a cinnamon powder that turned to like a paste when it touched the grease and then dusted with powdered sugar. I know, looks kinda gross and sounds kinda eh but oooooooh it was gooooooood.

They had crafts for the kids to do and a cute train that just ran through the grass for them to ride. If you can't read the sign it says, "Age limit 91 Weight limit 200 lbs" hee hee

They also had a horse drawn cart. Look at those fuzzy buzz cut manes. Hee hee. Almost looks like the ami-horse I made, no? Yea, not really... haha

Darts! Pierce an apple, win a whole bag of apples! Woohoo. That lady in the light blue shirt in the photo actually did it. Everyone cheered! Yay!

Ok, so this post won't be totally non-yarn related... here's a photo of some fresh roving straight from the sheep's back. (^_^)v

Oh! In other exciting news, my daughter has her first loose tooth! She turned to me Saturday after biting into a fresh crsipy apple, "Mom, my tooth feels weird..." then we did the "loose tooth" dance. She's very excited.

Alright, I'll get back to "work" now. Hopefully I'll be posting an ami soon.

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