Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Detours can be good.

We were detoured off our very usual routine this weekend. Just in time to deal with the daily grind blues we were transported to ... Disneyland! And Disneyland at Christmas time is just the best. This year our daughter was brave enough to ride all the "big kid" rides as well (Last year she was only four years old so we gave her a break. She could've though because amazingly she was tall enough to!) So what a blast we had! Her first "big kid" ride was Thunder Mountain. After that it was a sinch getting her on Matterhorn and Space Mountain. In fact, it was hard to keep her away from them! She wasn't too keen on Indiana Jones though. Although she said her favorite part of that was the boulder at the end. Too cold for Splash Mountain so maybe next time. Oh and the newly decorated Haunted Mansion was pretty cool! They did it all up Nightmare Before Christmas style. Very cute. *sigh* I love Disneyland.
I managed to crochet two scarves before I left. Identical except for the color scheme and made from a novelty yarn I got two years ago in Carmel - a mohair/acrylic blend. Here are some awful photos.
I gifted it while we were in the LA area. I have a dear friend who lives in Long Beach and was nice enough to drive out to meet us at our hotel. She also brought yummy yummy home made goodies!!!! *drool* Decadent brownies, super moist carrot cake, and chocolate chip laced zuchini bread/cake. Oh, was I supposed to include photos? Maybe next time I'll remember before I eat it all. muahahhaha
I was also trying to knit this scarf before we left. I was having the hardest time after the garter stitched area so I showed my mom who came along with my dad to dog/house sit for us and when I came back she had done a good 7 or 8 inches. Woohoo. Now I should have no problems continuing it. Ha, we'll see.
In the mean time we're revving up with all sorts of Christmas time engagements so there's not much time left for crafting unfortunately. Hopefully I'll have more to share come January. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! (-_-)zzZZ


Sarah said...

Glad you enjoyed the goodies...hopefully at least as much as I loved my box of goodies!! I love the scarf and all my students loved to look at the pin..esp. the dreidel!!
I LOVE the puppy you sent your friend...right down to the little details like the cap, backpack for bone etc. And I can't wait to see more of the humanoid. It's fantastic!
Happy Christmas and a joyous, healthy New Year to you and ALL of your family!!!

Sara said...

Those scarves are just gorgeous! I especially love the top one... what a beautiful design! I am just learning to crochet now, but I hope to learn to do things like this! Your amigurumis are very inspiring as well ! :)

gnathalie2 said...

Beautiful scarves!!