Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy New Year!

Not a very happy beginning to a new year when the whole household is sick mind you, but I still wish you all a happy one. (~_^)

My daughter got sick the Friday before Christmas then miraculously recovered for the special day and promptly got sick again (fever and all) the day after. Then after a week of that my husband caught it (fever and all) and now that he is finally on the mend I am coming down with it. *sigh* No fever for me as of yet, and I hope to escape that fate, but I have such a bad cough and horrible congestion. ugh. Anywaaaay, you must be thinking, "but what have you made?!?!"

Not much time for crafts when sickies around I tell you but I did manage to whip up quite a few scarves for gifts; both crocheted AND knitted. (Me? Knit?? I've been practicing. *hee*) I will only bore you with photos of one, however.

I love blue. And I love soft. So this was just heaven to me. The yarn is Baby Alpaca Brush. I bought it here in town but you can see it at Plymouth Yarn's website. It looks MUCH better in person I assure you (not to mention anything of the FEEL of it. yum!). The pattern is from
The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches - 1983. If you have the book or know of it the pattern is Diamond Lace in the All-over Lace Patterns section. Mix in some garter stitches for a border and BAM a scarf is born. I don't have a scale to weigh my yarn so I can't tell you exactly how much I used. One ball was 50 g. I used a little over one and a half it looks like.

The little puppy looking thing is a travel tissue pack holder I made from the scraps. Yes, I had the same yarn in white that I used for another scarf that I crocheted. Its body is in stockinette and its ears are crocheted.

Well, it's time to get back to movie land. All I've been able to do is "lay" here and watch movies. Yesterday I just watched the newest remake of Pride and Prejudice, over and over and over... I love the A&E production of it made in 1995 but my copy of that is so scratched I have to get a new one. This remake with Keira Knightley isn't half bad though. Quiet enjoyable. I still can't stand the mother. And although I still don't think anyone could take Colin Firth's place as Mr. Darcy I think Matthew Macfadyen is a very good runner up.

Today's movie is Emma. (^_^)v


En mi pequeño Mundo said...

I totally loved the scarf with travellin gtissue pack!
What a great idea, and I love the color too.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful scarf and tissue pack! ;-)