Monday, October 27, 2008

Almost Nearly Always

(hm that could be a good title for a children’s story maybe…)

I started this drawing at the beginning of the month hopeful that by the end I’d surely be done with it (ugh I forgot how slow going stippling can be), but behind the trees on the road of life are always the hidden curves and hills that seem to slow me down. I don’t want to delay sharing this drawing though, because if I do it probably won’t be seen again until next year. Remember my Little Bo Peep? Ah huh. So here it is.
Just a line drawing. I didn’t have any plans for it when it started. I was kinda just doodling… in ink. In ink? What was I thinking? Who knows. Apparently I wasn’t… thinking that is, not thinking clearly, and therefore clearly something was missing. So I drew this little ghost girl and cut and paste her in with Photoshop. Hahaha I felt like I cheated big time. It was cheating, wasn't it? Anyway, Happy Halloween or Harvest Time or whatever it is you might be celebrating if anything at all… or if not… just happy day!



Andrea W. said...

Oh, that's not cheating! just improvising. ;]

Warm Bunny said...

Not cheating--just usin' yer noggin'. VERY CUTE!

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

that's ghosts for you, are they there, are they not?

Hannah said...

Not cheating at all- You still drew it! And you're very talented, by the way. I used to draw as well so trust me when I say that you have skill here. :)