Friday, February 13, 2009


Oh my goodness, please forgive me. I thought that pattern was complete but one of you lovely readers (Celene!) have called to my attention that I have left poor Zoe armless! I did warn I am a horrible pattern writer. *sweat*. Still there's no excuse. Here is the pattern correction (or rather addition!) for her arms. I confess I'm not sure if it's exactly right (I have seemed to misplace the pattern notes for that project) so please PLEASE don't hesistate to let me know if it's wrong. Again I apologize and I hope this didn't cause too much frustration for anyone out there!

Zoe Lily Belle - ARMS
Arm (MAKE 2)

Start with magic ring of 5 ch or however you like to start your spiral/circular shape using 5 ch

Row 2: 2sc in each ch (10)
Row 3: 2sc in first ch, 1 sc in next* five times (15)
Row 4-6: sc in each (in the first sc on row 5 make a cluster – this is the “thumb”. I used a 5sc cluster I think. experiment to your liking)
Row 7: 1 sc in next 3, sc2tog in next* repeat three times (12)
Row 8: sc in each
Row 9: sc in next 5, sc2tog in next sc* repeat (10)
Row 10-11: sc in each
Row 12: switch to shirt color and sc in each.

Bind off leaving long tail for attaching to body.

Note:You can attach the arms whenever you’re ready. I did mine at the end of the project. Whip stitch them to the first row of the shirt, placing them as you see fit. ;) When attaching them, just make sure the thumbs are facing the “right” way; facing forward if you wish for her to seem relaxed with palms toward her sides.

Ok, I hope that makes sense. I will also correct the original posting of the pattern. Thanks again, Celene, for pointing out my error! Everyone cheers for Celene!! (^_^)v


sunnie fairy said...

Thanks for the correction! Don't feel so bad... we all make mistakes.

♪Tobi♪ said...
its for a good cause

~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

Going to have to try this gal for my daughter... Too cute. Thanks for posting the arms