Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Day

Today is a good day. I think it's a good day. At least, it's a better day than some of the recent days I've had in a long while. The weather is mild with the smell of fresh rain in the air. The flowers on our balcony are all happily blooming. The pets are at peace. The house is in order (mostly - acceptably so anyway).

And there are a lot of cheery posts on other blogs. Read about making butter at Angry Chicken; especially the post that inspired her over at Portland Food and I don't know why reading about that made me feel good. Then go and read Alice's insanity at Finslippy. That was hilarious. Well, I thought it was. Probably because it sounds like she's my husband's long lost twin. Though he's not THAT bad. (~_^)

I know making this blanket has been making me happier too.

When I pick it up and work on it the colors scream "happy happy"! I'm behind in this soft-waves ripple blanket making craze I know but it still had to be done. This one is being made with misc. left over skeins so the colors and weights are varying. This other one (next photo) took me over a year to do (becuase I procrastinated THAT much) and was requested in those particular colors.

It was requested extra long too so that could be another reason why it took so long to do.

Anyway, Happy Day to you all!!

ps~ Thanks for all the posts

- from comments on projects to just plain good wishes -

its been very nice. Thank you.


Gaby B. said...


i love those afghans, which pattern did you use? I have searched and got a number of patterns on ravelry mainly, but the ones i've seen form sharp edges not waves like yours. I would be so delighted if you could tell me where I can find the pattern.

I´m so glad that you are better, I guess this is like this, little by little.

Amigurumi Girl said...

Hi Gaby G~ hi Gaby B. ~ I couldn't get an email from your profile so I hope you check back here for an answer to your question. I don't remember - wait yes I do ... I did a ton of research on ripples and waves and came up with that pattern because I was too stubborn to buy any books. I'm not claiming I invented it I just figured it out after a lot of swearing. Afterwards, I remember hearing about this book: 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns by Jan Eaton. You can see inside it at There are a TON of cool wave patterns in that book; from sharp chevrons to soft waves. Take a peek. I think I need to buy it. (^_^)

Gaby B. said...

thanks a lot!! do you think i could get it at barnes&noble?

Amigurumi Girl said...

Maybe. :) you could always call ahead and ask. Good luck!