Saturday, July 31, 2010


I warned you I suck at writing patterns. Thank you so much for all your patience and feedback. Recently I was contacted by Laurel who kindly pointed out a mistake in Rnd 18 (of the head) in THIS pattern. After much thought, I THINK the problem is only in the final count of the stitches for that row. It should read (9) and not (12) - I have corrected this in the original pattern. And as I told her, luckily since it's only a doll, we don't need to be precise anyway. The idea is that the head tapered down to a neck. So I leave it up to the maker's discretion on how to handle that row. Just follow your instincts and make it neat. That's what's so great about making amigurumi. There's really no right or wrong - only what you create with your own feeling.

BY THE WAY... you can visit the wonderful blog House Full of Monkeys for some great insight, notes, and suggestions to the Zoe-Belle pattern. I'd take her word over mine. ;)

Thank you everyone for visiting my sad sad blog. And I wish you the best with your hook!



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Amy Kember said...

I have nominated you for two blog awards :)