Monday, January 23, 2006

Can't Please Everyone

Well... the slanty eyed cat isn't everyone's favorite. I admit, at first it was kinda weird. It's grown on me now though. I think it helps though, that I really like how the wool-ease yarn turned out. Will have to buy more of that for sure! So... since Ol' Slanty Eyes (look now, what a cool name.) wasn't that pleasing I made an emergency replacement cat. I didn't have anymore wool-ease so I had to use something completely different. And I can't decide if I like it or not. I think maybe... I shouldn't have used black yarn for the facial features. The contrast is too striking. Sorry about the dark pictures. Not sure why that was happening. "Whitey" is made from some left over Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn which is a sports weight with some shimmery strands worked in it. Not that great to work with since the shimmery strands had a tendency of separating from the yarn. The beige accents are just plain double knitting yarn. It is also left overs handed down sans labels. Now that "Whitey" has been sent on his merry way via AirMail to Thailand I am working on TWO cats simultaneously. Actually a pink kitty made from Paton's Divine I started before Ol' Slanty Eyes. And a purple DK one I started even before that. Hopefully I'll be done with them soon. The purple one is also destined for somewhere in Thailand.
Meow ya! >^..^<


Anonymous said...

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Katrina said...

Normally I don't like the "Slanty eye" bit either, but I think this is really cute! It really works with this project.