Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Ideas

I've been busy. Yup. I made this purple cat for my friend's daughter. My friend's favorite color is purple (it looks kinda blue in the picture, but it IS purple) and I thought I'd try to put a shirt on it. Working with scrap yarn is great for your pocket book but quite limiting at times... sigh. It was a good experience though. Then I decided to make the cat a dress. I found a pattern for an edging and modified it here and there to suit my need then I just created the front piece and straps. Easy peesey. (^_^)v
Then, OH then.... I really needed a break from cats. I just couldn't plug on and finish the 10 cats I still need like I wanted to. I went perusing on line for ideas and inspiration and saw a little bear... somewhere and thought, "how sweet!". I began with a modified cat head and used that to guide the rest of my pattern. Instead of a bear... I got a little mouse! Awwwww. Too sweet. My brother was over, and quickly claimed it for his collection. He requested her paws be up by her mouth as if giggling "tee hee". As soon as I'm done she's moving to San Francisco. I even made her a little felt bag that can actually be unbuttoned and "used". Secret mouse notes... I guess. haha
Till next time!


bri said...

she'll look sweet on my designer toy shelf - the rarest of my modest collection by far!

Alisha said...

I adore the kitty looking out the window : )

Jenn said...

she super fly!