Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Everyone!! (Or Passover or any other holiday that's being celebrated...)

Hey! I wish I had something fun to post for Easter, but I've been too too busy. My daughter and husband have been trading turns at pink eye (conjuctivitis) over four weeks now. Ugh. Can we say, "I hate doing laundry!"? =p I think I've done more laundry over these past four weeks than in my entire lifetime. sheesh. At least I haven't been infected yet (*bangs on wood with all her might*)!

I am still slowly working on projects. Just that nothing is getting done... Hang in there! Thanks for the "comments"! It's so nice to be missed. (^-^)v

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Jenn said...

i havent wrote on my blog for a while now i have been so busy with my exams.I made a bunch of animal desgins that i will be selling on etsy tonight i hope ppl will buy them.I should get the book in another week or is my email if u wanna talk
talk to u soon jenn