Tuesday, April 18, 2006

RK2: New and Improved!

Yay! I'm FINALLY done!!!!!! Weeeeeeehoooooooo. I've been working on this RK for WEEKS! Seriously, it should've only taken me a day or so, but I stalled out when I got to the lining part. I was scared to proceed! I'm not very confident when it comes to my sewing skills. hahaha Well, my deadline was fast approaching and I couldn't wait any longer so I've been burning that midnight oil the last two nights. sigh. Yatta! whew.

*I made RK2 larger in the body than the first. So now it easily fits a small cell phone, keys, and maybe a thin card holder. We'll find out exactly how much it fits when it reaches its new owner. ;)
*I changed the styling of the button holes. The holes themsleves are not any different but the edging is a little "thicker" atop the hole area so there's more to grab for easy unbottoning action!
*Lining. I hand stitched in a lining to the body and the bottom of the bag. This should help to keep things from poking through and from getting stuck in the yarn. Hopefully it will be more durable as well.

The only thing I'm not that happy with on RK2 is that I think I made his neck longer somehow. Sigh. Hmmmmm.... He would look good with a collar and a fish shaped name tag...

Yay! I hope it stands up to long use! He'll be boxed up today and mailed to my friend Sky...


Please ignore my crazy table cloth! It was cheap and is very child friendly. hahaha


kittykat said...

luved it....
and who noticed the table cloth with ur amazing creation on it!!!you rock!
either that i'm just a mom to used to having things that r child friendly as well==he...he

Amigurumi Girl said...

awwww thanks!! ;)

Jenn said...

Can u give me your email i havent gotten the book yet i think it is coming fromkorea i hope i get it this week.I really like the cat pattern can u share it with me and all your fans.My email is one-swt_pea@hotmail.com.What do u think of the amis i desgin for etsy? no one bought one yet but a nice lady ask me to make some for her whole sale we are still talking it out.My email is one-swt_pea@hotmail.com.Email me ok bye

Armando said...

that cat is tooooo cute.

I found this place looking for information about the desapearing text. I can't figure it out yet

I like the black cat

lyn said...

So sweet !
You are clever
: )

kittykat said...

happy mothers day ami' girl!!!
hope your day was great.

froggy said...

I want to know... can you share this pattern with me, pleeeeeaaaaase?
my e-mail: tricotvanille2003@hotmail.com
thank you very much in advance!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I have never tried amigurumi before and it looks like such fun. I love cats and think your cats are wonderful. Would you know where i could get a free kitty pattern to try before i buy any expensive books?
Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Please share pattern with me. My email is some1uno@earthlink.net
I just starting doing these but I am not creative.