Tuesday, April 18, 2006

RK2: New and Improved!

Yay! I'm FINALLY done!!!!!! Weeeeeeehoooooooo. I've been working on this RK for WEEKS! Seriously, it should've only taken me a day or so, but I stalled out when I got to the lining part. I was scared to proceed! I'm not very confident when it comes to my sewing skills. hahaha Well, my deadline was fast approaching and I couldn't wait any longer so I've been burning that midnight oil the last two nights. sigh. Yatta! whew.

*I made RK2 larger in the body than the first. So now it easily fits a small cell phone, keys, and maybe a thin card holder. We'll find out exactly how much it fits when it reaches its new owner. ;)
*I changed the styling of the button holes. The holes themsleves are not any different but the edging is a little "thicker" atop the hole area so there's more to grab for easy unbottoning action!
*Lining. I hand stitched in a lining to the body and the bottom of the bag. This should help to keep things from poking through and from getting stuck in the yarn. Hopefully it will be more durable as well.

The only thing I'm not that happy with on RK2 is that I think I made his neck longer somehow. Sigh. Hmmmmm.... He would look good with a collar and a fish shaped name tag...

Yay! I hope it stands up to long use! He'll be boxed up today and mailed to my friend Sky...


Please ignore my crazy table cloth! It was cheap and is very child friendly. hahaha

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Everyone!! (Or Passover or any other holiday that's being celebrated...)

Hey! I wish I had something fun to post for Easter, but I've been too too busy. My daughter and husband have been trading turns at pink eye (conjuctivitis) over four weeks now. Ugh. Can we say, "I hate doing laundry!"? =p I think I've done more laundry over these past four weeks than in my entire lifetime. sheesh. At least I haven't been infected yet (*bangs on wood with all her might*)!

I am still slowly working on projects. Just that nothing is getting done... Hang in there! Thanks for the "comments"! It's so nice to be missed. (^-^)v

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back from vacation...

Yay! Just incase anyone actually visits my blog and have been wondering where the posts are... I've been on vacation all last week. Now I'm back and ready to get back to yarn! I admit I was getting a little burnt out there for awhile and a week away from my hooks have left my fingers itching. So, I hope to have something to post soon! In the mean time, Amigurumi-Along always has lots of eye candy. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Patterns Coming Soon...

There have been a small number of you... nagging me about some patterns =D. However, 1) I'm so busy making things I hardly have time to write down the pattern, 2) I'm horrible at writing patterns. Therefore, I will try to post pieces of patterns that might help guide you to making your own creations. You're probably thinking, "Shoot! I can find these anywhere!" And you'd be right, but still, one more post on the internet won't hurt. tee hee You can already get an idea of the standard I use for head and body from my Mr. Frog pattern. So today's PatternPost is for standard arm/leg for something like Amineko. Enjoy!

This can be done in two different colored yarns to give the look of paws or not. Choose your hook size to correspond to your yarn. This will greatly effect the finished product size.

Frame/row 1: ch 2. in second ch from hook 6sc
Row 2: 2sc every sc (12)
Row 3-6: work even
At this pt can change yarns or anywhere further up the “arm” to give “socked” look. Or just one stripe… or whatever! Anything! Woohooo
Row 7: 1sc, sc2tog in next sc* repeat until 8 (stop and stuff the paw!! Keep stuffing up along the arm just a tad as you go)
Row 8-28 (approximately): work even
I work the arms as long as needed. I measure them up to the body letting the “wrist” fall about where the bottom of the body is.

Fasten off. Leave tail long enough for attaching to body.

Here is a sample of some arms I'm making for another Roadkill Kitty bag. It's a straight version of the amineko pattern - there is no decrease at the paw line. Also there is another change of color near the "shoulder" because Roadkill has a red t-shirt on. hehe You'll also notice how short these look. I've made them to suit Roadkill's body so they are only about 14 rows.

I'm really a horrible pattern writter. I dont know why. I think it's because I get confused with knitting (although I'm a horrible knitter haha). I hope you can understand what I've written or at least glean something from it. The legs are done in similar fashion to the arms. They begin just like the arms with 6sc then 12sc, however at this pt you add another row to 18sc (ch1, 2sc in next ch* repeat to 18) before you work even the 4 rows. And then you go back ( ch1, sc2tog* rep to 12; ch 3, sc2tog* twice will make 10) to 10sc to make the leg. Confusing? Sorry. This pattern can be adjusted to suit any size/type amigurumi. Experiment with yarn and hook size too.

Maybe I'll have an actual full pattern for something soon. Have fun! Oh, and don't forget to share your creations! I'd love to see them. Leave me a comment with a link or join up with Amigurumi-Along! (^_^)v