Thursday, June 04, 2009

Have a Munny Day!

I’ve been doing a variety of things around here. Mostly mudane and not worth posting about. My daughter’s school semester is one half day away from the end and I have good intentions for summer vacation. I hope I can keep the motivation up! Here’s some things I’ve done recently that maybe you’d like to see. Or maybe not, but I’m posting it anyway. =p

I love Munny dolls. And Dunny dolls. And all those weird vinyl toys etc. I’d start a collection if I didn’t feel so guilty about wasting money and space. Here’s my first Munny sketch. Done in pencil then in ink. I think I should get some 4 inch dolls to do with my daughter this summer.

Here he is colored in photoshop and made into a dorky wallpaper for my desktop. heeIn Amigurumi news... here’s a little guy I started yesterday. No plans. No direction. I just wanted to feel the calming rhythm of hook and yarn being stitched into something. ANYTHING. This so far. It has green cat eyes I bought online eons ago, but I’m not sure I really intend for it to become a cat. We’ll see.Oh yea, we were also watching Cardcaptor Sakura again. Kero-chan CHECK! I also made this crocheted flower with beads for a hair tie. Woot. The yarn is cotton. I've not done much with cotton before but I'm thinking I want to do lots more.I hope you’re all doing well out there. Live long and prosper. (Yes I saw the new Star Trek and I loved it! Casting was great. I'm excited for the future of the series.)

What else have I been wasting my time with instead of making amigurumi and writing patterns? Watching too much Heroes. Watched all of Season 3 in a few days. Whew. Addicting.

Stay cool! (^_^)v


cherry said...

That's such a pretty hair adornment!!

urban craft said...

Wicked Munny Dunny. I am crazy about all things KidRobot.

Anonymous said...

Ooh the mystery 'guruni should be a cute little spider.

Esshaych said...

I love Heroes too, can't wait for season 4!!
I love your little ami! I too love just making stuff up; it's a great de-stresser!

Mother Nature said...

Okay so I just found your blog site and I love it! You give wonderful instructions on patterns and make it simple enough for even the newest beginner to understand! I have to say, I am anxiously waiting for a pattern for the flower hair piece, it's absolutely adorable!!!!! PLEASE post one soon :)

Amigurumi Girl said...

Thanks everyone... Mother Nature, I didn't know how to contact you... It's been so long since I did that flower hair tie! I'll see if I can dig up the pattern. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you like my patterns! ;)