Thursday, September 18, 2008

ADMS - Do You Have the Skills?

When I was a kid I remember pretending to be sick and getting away with it. When I was a kid I remember actually being sick and sent to school anyway. And as a kid I was like, “What is going on with your adult decision making skills?”

Hey, I like that. "adult decision making skills". I think it should be official. "ADMS. Do You Have the Skills?" Sounds like an advert. But to appeal to the younger parenting generation maybe it should be SkillZ . yuk.

Today my daughter doesn’t feel well. She woke up at 6 am crying real actual tears saying her tummy hurt. Oh it’s always a bad thing with the tummy hurting. And as much as I wanted to believe her 100% the little voice still said , “eh it’s nothing. How can she be having a tummy ache? She went to the bathroom yesterday all normal like. She’s been eating good food, lots of fruit low on the junk. We all ate the same dinner and no one else is sick! Ugh what’s wrong now?!” (Never mind the fact that there is some weird stomach illness going on right now - just this week three people went home complaining of similar stomach ailments at the office I part time at. No it can't be THAT obvious, I can't be THAT rational). I don’t want to send her to school if she’s really sick but then I don’t want to keep her home if she isn’t. She’ll start to think that making the slightest feign of illness will get her a free ticket home. As a first grader she’s still learning the tricks of the trade – How to Get Mom to Sign Off on Absences. So after I let her sulk a bit and we did some squishing I told her to get ready for school. An hour later all dressed and sitting at the dining table she was still complaining of her tummy ache. She had since then gone to the bathroom and had half a tablet of child’s Pepto-Bismol all to no avail. She had no fever but looked pretty pale. What to do? The clock was ticking. Call or don’t call? Baby her or toughen her up? She’s only 6 years old for goodness sakes. I finally gave in and called the school attendance line. Thank goodness for answering machines because I hate the way the school makes you feel guilty for calling in absences. So straight to bed she’s gone and she actually is sleeping. Poor thing.

Oh yeah baby, I got da skillz.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I always make time off school very boring so that the kids never "want" to miss school. If your daughter slept then she needed it! Good call!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. You do have the 'skillz'. Poor thing. I know the problem all too well. What should I do? I too love that recording machine to call in absences.

sunnie_fairy said...

hope she gets better soon (she looks so cute asleep)... and you do have "da skillz!"