Friday, September 19, 2008

Rainbows, Unicorns, and Dogs with Stinky Butt

My daughter is fine, by the way. After a very dead to the world three hour nap yesterday morning she woke up spryer than ever.

*BOING* “What day is it? Is it Friday??” she says, no SINGS, as she practically flies off her loft bed all smiles and twinkles like she’s sliding down a rainbow.

Really, it was like nothing ever happened. As if only a few short hours ago she hadn’t been crying and moping and clutching at her stomach like she had a bad episode at a *insert foreign food type here* restaurant. Of course I still had to make the day as boring as possible so she wouldn’t get any bright ideas about more sick days. So who was totally bored in the end? The child who suddenly had unicorns and faeries prancing around her throwing flowers? Of course not. It was me. ME! A totally boring wasted day. I was at a complete loss. After having all my original plans flushed down the toilet I didn’t know how to recompose myself. hahahaHAHAHAHA But that was yesterday. Wonderful, boring, quiet, yesterday.

Today. TODAY?! The dog has the runs. Because this morning I caught her sneaking huge gulps of our cat’s wet food (which we don’t normally give him but because I didn’t get out yesterday to get any cat food it was what we had in the house for him which is better than usual in times of running out of cat food which would be nothing at all. So if it weren’t for the freebie one-serving pack we got during our last purchase of cat food he would’ve starved. STARVED, I say. He certainly was very vocal about it this morning. I thought I was being nice. I thought I was giving him a special treat. But nooOOOOooo he turned his nose at it! How ungreatful.) So now, now our dog has the runs. EW! All afternoon I thought I was smelling some nasty fumes occasionally but I didn’t imagine it would come to this. Thank goodness she’s well house trained. And I almost waited longer to take her out because I was in the middle of typing the first part of this entry.

Mini flashback: “Not now, DOG. ARGH I just took you out less than an hour ago! What is your problem? STOP BANGING AT THE FRONT DOOR!”

Well needless to say I was very happy I gave in.

Thank goodness it’s at least the weekend.


sunnie_fairy said...

oh no! that stinks-literally!

knitting dragonfly said...

So typical, Chaos then calm, I love the dog pic, "who me??, stinky butt?"
Thank goodness everything is normal again.