Monday, September 15, 2008

Great Ideas and Guilt

So my husband has been saying for ages, "You should totally hook up your amigurogimimi (he calls it something different everytime) site with our paypal dealio and try to get donations!!" This he says with a huge grin and that wild eyed look.

me: *like deer in headlights* Donations?? For what? My one frog pattern?

him: Don't forget the pear.

me: And my pear pattern?

him: And other entries...

me: My wonderful writing skills full with wit and charm that you find in my oh so often entries? ha!

Yikes. That's a lot of pressure. Never-the-less he was determined and now lo and behold we have a "donate" button. Please know I'm not expecting anything for what I put up on this site. But as my husband says, "You never know when someone might be feeling a little generous." Ok, maybe those aren't his exact words. I'm trying to get him to write an entry here himself to explain it because it's really funny what he's telling me - you should see him gesticulating and articulating right now.

Alas, it seems I can not convince him.

Sigh. I guess this means I have to up the site maintenance. (*_*)'


sunnie_fairy said...

hee. hee. your hubby sounds funny! :]

Anonymous said...

Yes I am. =)

Amigurumi Girl said...

ha! That's because MY awesome writing skills made him sound funny. Muahaha

Just kidding. Hee